All The Chakras

The Body's Spinning Vortexes of Energy

Take a journey to learn about all the chakras, "wheels" or "vortexes" in Sanskrit. They are our centers of energy that balance us in connection to ourselves, the Divine, and the world around us.

Robyn of

I'm Robyn Harton. I'm a long time intuitive, jewelry artist, crystal fanatic, mandala and mixed media artist, writer, Reiki and Seichim Master, non-denominational minister with the goal of shining what light I can in this Universe. I help raise funds for animal charities, and am a crazy cat lady. I've been writing and blogging about crystal meanings, spiritual topics, jewelry, cats, and more for over a decade, as well as making my own line of handmade jewelry.

In October 2013 and again in October 2014 I had to have surgery on my left wrist and hand. Though I don't have evidence that my crystals jewelry making was the cause since my right hand has been making jewelry too and is fine, I don't want to risk repeating the process on my right hand. I decided to change my emphasis from making wire sculpted crystals jewelry to making  beaded jewelry as well as mixed media art. In the process of learning still more about chakras and color energies, I gained more to share and learned of resources that you might be interested in. In the end, is the result of having a bum left hand. Things work out in interesting ways.

I approach the chakras and subtle body primarily from a New Age perspective. I do realize there are other perspectives and many chakras systems, and will address those as I can. 

If you have new or interesting chakras information to share, contact me or mention it in a comment. (But please do not put your contact information in a site comment!)

Many Blessings!

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