All The Chakras

The Body's Spinning Vortexes of Energy

Take a journey to learn about all the chakras, "wheels" or "vortexes" in Sanskrit. They are our centers of energy that balance us in connection to ourselves, the Divine, and the world around us.

Crown Chakra Crystals

Some crystals and stones which are associated with the Sahasrara Crown Chakra are:

  • amethyst
  • ametrine
  • angel aura
  • angel quartz (amphibolite)
  • angel white ajoite
  • angelite
  • apophyllite
  • aquamarine
  • black opal
  • blue lace agate
  • Blue John fluorite
  • calcite (clear, white, optical)
  • chevron (banded) amethyst
  • clear quartz
  • danburite
  • diamond
  • euclase
  • fairy quartz
  • galaxite (galaxyite)
  • germanium
  • gold
  • green apophyllite
  • hematoid quartz
  • Herkimer diamond quartz
  • heulandite
  • Himalayan ice quartz
  • iolite
  • Lake County diamond quartz
  • lepidolite
  • lodolite
  • moldavite
  • moonstone (white)
  • okenite
  • opal
  • petalite
  • Petoskey stone
  • rainbow moonstone
  • ruby in zoisite
  • scapolite (purple)
  • scolecite
  • selenite
  • silver topaz
  • solar quartz
  • spirit quartz
  • spodumene
  • stilbite
  • sugiilte
  • sunstone
  • tanzan aura
  • tanzanite
  • tourmalated quartz
  • ulexite
  • witch's finger
  • white onyx
  • yttrian fluorite
  • zircon

In addition, most white or clear stones, many purple stones are related to the crown chakra. Crystals of other colors may also be related to the crown chakra as well. Crystals and stones may also be related to multiple chakras.

A good way to get the energy of crown chakra stones is to place them under your pillow at night.

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Gold is considered a crown chakra stone.

Gold is considered a crown chakra stone.

Selenite, shown in polished slabs here, is a crown chakra stone.

Selenite, shown in polished slabs here, is a crown chakra stone.

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Some References

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Title: Crown Chakra Crystals

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