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Take a journey to learn about all the chakras, "wheels" or "vortexes" in Sanskrit. They are our centers of energy that balance us in connection to ourselves, the Divine, and the world around us.

Sacral Chakra


Symbol of the Sacral Chakra

Symbol of the Sacral Chakra

The Sanskrit name of the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra is Svadisthana, sometimes spelled Swadisthana. Sometimes the Sacral Chakra is called the Spleen Chakra, as it is in some traditional chakra systems.This energy center is related to creativity, sexuality, passion, as well as other things. 

Associated with: creativity, creating abundance, emotions and emotional flow / balance, fertility, friendliness, freedom, "gut feelings", imagination, intimacy, openness, passion, personal expression, pleasure, relationships, reproduction, sexuality, warmth,

Colors: Primary - orange, burnt orange; Also blue-green

Location: lower abdomen, lower back, sexual organs

Related Stones: Sacral Chakra Crystals

The Sacral Chakra says,

"I feel." 

It is related to sweetness. In fact, Svadishtana is said to be translated as "sweetness" or "dwelling place of the Self."

The Sacral Chakra is influenced strongly by how emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood, however this can be overcome by opening and balancing its energies. This chakra, the second chakra, is considered one of the "lower" chakras because it is in the first three chakras of the seven major chakras.

Dieties: Aphrodite (Venus), Artemis (Diana), Mari, Poseidon (Neptune), Rakini

Element: Water

Beneficial Foods, Exercises, and More

Planets: Moon

Body Parts/Organs/Glands: bladder, bowels, body fluids, hips, kidneys, lower back, reproductive organs, skin, spleen, stomach

Sense: taste

Signs of Balance or Imbalanced Sacral Chakra Energy and Related Dis-ease

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Creativity is associated with the sacral chakra. Photo:    Some rights reserved   by   nist6ss

Creativity is associated with the sacral chakra. Photo:  Some rights reserved by nist6ss

Some References

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Title: Sacral Chakra

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