All The Chakras

The Body's Spinning Vortexes of Energy

Take a journey to learn about all the chakras, "wheels" or "vortexes" in Sanskrit. They are our centers of energy that balance us in connection to ourselves, the Divine, and the world around us.

Sacral Chakra Balance or Imbalance

Certain signs and symptoms are related to the balance or imbalance or the sacral chakra as well as some dis-ease states. Learning about them can help overcome them.

Signs of Closed or Imbalanced Energy

Being shy or timid can be a sign of a sluggish sacral chakra. Photo:    Some rights reserved   by   JustinJensen

Being shy or timid can be a sign of a sluggish sacral chakra. Photo:  Some rights reserved by JustinJensen

Excessive Energy

excessive ambition, explosive emotions, manipulative, over indulgent

Deficient Energy

excessive guilt, frigid/impotent sexually, oversensitive, sexual issues, shy, timid

General Imbalance

excessive attachments, frustration, selfishness, generally unhappy, difficulty maintaining happy relationsips, feels unworthy of happiness, out of touch with feelings, overly emotional, poor boundaries (with people, emotional) stoid

Signs of Balanced or Open Chakra Energy

able to process emotions, able to enjoy without guiklt, adaptibility, balance in life, clear boundaries with others in addition to a strong connection, comfortable with selve and with their environment, confident, creative, emotionally stable, friendly, good sense of humor

Related Dis-ease

aches and pains, allergies, addictions (to sex or relationships, work, sugar) bladder disease, frigidity, low energy, emotional repression and problems, impotence, kidney problems, lower back problems, muscle cramps, reproductive organ problems, skin problems, spleen disease, urinary tract problems and infections, weight loss

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Some References

A Beginner's Guide To The Chakras by Marion McGeough

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Confidence is a sign of a balanced sacral chakra. Photo:    Some rights reserved   by   stevendepolo

Confidence is a sign of a balanced sacral chakra. Photo:  Some rights reserved by stevendepolo

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Title: Sacral Chakra Balance or Imbalance

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